From sci-fi and theatre to video art: Georgia Straight profiles reveal an array of artists

“I enjoyed your profile of me. Frequently, I feel that such things are about somebody else entirely, but in yours I did recognize myself talking quite loud and clear! Thanks, and I hope that we can meet again.”

— Ursula Le Guin, in a note sent to me on her letterhead


I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Ursula Le Guin and interviewing her for Canada’s national literary trade publication, the Quill & Quire.

As a freelance writer for The Georgia Straight in the late 1980s, I interviewed an array of notable artists and profiled them in Vancouver’s entertainment weekly:

  • Barry Broadfoot, author and oral historian
  • Joy Coghill, Canadian actor and playwright
  • Ferron, Canadian songwriter and musician
  • Lorraine Segato, lead singer of the group Parachute Club
  • P.E.T.A., members of this theatre group from the Phillipines
  • Stas Namin, a Soviet rock musician
  • Charles Lillard, the late author of B.C. history books
  • Paul Wong, a video artist

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