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My essay “A slow goodbye” part of new anthology

As my late husband Frank McElroy was dying at home through 2018-19, it was tough to write about my challenges as a caregiver. Although I couldn’t distance myself from the ongoing experience, I wanted to describe both my conflicting emotions and the overwhelming support and generosity of my local community.

The result became the essay “A slow goodbye,” which appears in the 2019 anthology New Beginnings, published by Timbercrest Publishing, an imprint created by my writing student Erik D’Souza. I juxtaposed my own sense of loss with the environmental degradation and receding shorelines resulting from climate change on Easter Island.

At this month’s book launch for the anthology in Port Moody, BC, I cried as a I read an excerpt from my essay. It was a mere six weeks after my hubby’s death and things still felt raw. But I got through it, grateful to share some of our love story with an appreciative audience. (The anthology is an excellent collection of 39 voices, diverse genres, and cultural accounts.)

Arts reporter Rik Jespersen wrote an article about my essay for The Coast Reporter of Sechelt, BC. Click here to read it.

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