Magazine feature Spirituality in the Workplace prompts praise

PeopleTalk cover spirituality



As we move towards more holistic work environments, employers will strive to honor and provide space and time for employees’ spiritual expression. To me, this is part of celebrating diversity and offering work-life balance.

While editor-in-chief of PeopleTalk magazine in Vancouver, I chose the theme Spirituality in the Workplace for the summer 2005 issue. I wrote the cover story for that issue, which also appeared on the website

“Thank you so much for the March 2005 magazine. It is the best. The magazine has given my clients a deeper understanding of the topic and the reasoning behind the coaching that I do. The acceptance of the material and the topic by my clients has been 100% positive.”

Steve Everson, MBA Professional Coach, Everson Coaching

Click this Think beyond Pandora’s box link to read my editorial in the same issue of PeopleTalk.

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