Judy Chicago and Deena Metzger: two feminist inspirations profiled

Deena Metzger card
My SoulCollage(R) card of Deena Metzger

I was delighted to interview author and poet Deena Metzger for a feature in the winter 1996 issue of Herizons, Canada’s feminist magazine.

Click this Deena Metzger link to read my feature The Power of Writing: A Workshop with Deena Metzger.

Since then, I’ve met Deena three more times at different U.S. conferences over the years. At the 2013 SoulCollage® Trainers Conference in Washington state, I covered her keynote address. For many years, I used her excellent book Writing for Your Life as an ongoing resource for my writing workshops.

It was also an honour to interview and write about Judy Chicago, artist and creator of The Dinner Party and The Birth Project, for an independent Toronto newspaper.

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