These are some of my favorite magazines:

Ode — For “intelligent optimists,” it covers grassroots activities and solutions that address global warming and social justice issues around the world. I find its content, available online and in hard copy, inspiring and uplifting. Jurriaan Kamp, its Dutch founder and editor-in-chief, provides a European perspective that feels more inclusive than your regular North American publication. Author Paul Coelho is a regular columnist.

Orion — As the magazine’s web blurb says: “Orion is a bimonthly, advertising-free magazine devoted to creating a stronger bond between people and nature.” It features writers such as Barry Lopez, Terry Tempest Williams and Bill McKibben. As McKibben states: Orion is the place where writing meets environmental activism, to the great benefit of both.”

Resurgence — This thoughtful British publication has the tagline “at the heart of earth, art and spirit.” It is committed to “raising awareness of the key ecological and spiritual issues of our time.” Editor-in-chief Satish Kumar campaigned for land reform in his native India and walked an 8,000-mile peace pilgrimage, which he describes in his autobiography No Destination.

The Sun — For at least three decades, it’s covered politics, philosophy, spirituality, and issues from education to injustice. Amazingly, it has operated without advertising for at least 10 years. I love its no-bullshit style and the emphasis on personal narratives besides topics-of-the-day. It’s irreverent, provocative, and includes stunning black-and-white photographs.

My favourite online publications include

Elephant Journal