Why so many cavities in pre-school immigrant children?

Impressions spring 2009 low-res

Dr. Rosamund Harrison, chair of pediatric dentistry at the University of British Columbia, does exciting cutting-edge research and clinical work in low-income and new immigrant communities in Canada.

Many of UBC’s treated preschool children have a high rate of cavities. Her compassionate, hands-on work has resulted in huge improvements in dental care in groups ranging from South Asians and Vietnamese in British Columbia to Cree in remote Quebec villages.

Here’s what Dr. Harrison said about my article that featured her in the spring 2009 issue of Impressions magazine:

“I was delighted with the lovely article that you put together about our MI (motivational interviewing) community projects. The way that you ‘told a story’ and integrated the comments of my colleagues and friends was so well done and readable. My mother started to cry when she read your article!

“I gained a new admiration and respect for writers like you who are so good at journalism.  Such a breath of fresh air from the stodgy scientific papers that I read on a daily basis. Thank you for the care and attention that you put into telling this story.  It was a pleasure to work with you!”

Click this link spring 2009 issue of Impressions magazine (page 14) and scroll down to page 14 to read my feature.

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