Halfmoon Bay craftsman produces spectacular boat models for global clients

IMG_3468 revised to Shelley
Brian Klassen, owner of Brian Klassen Models in Halfmoon Bay, BC

Tugboats with tiny propellers. Sailboats with miniature rigging. Two-foot ships yachts with teensy bar stools, sinks and other features.

I was fascinated to see the intricate, painstaking work of Brian Klassen, who custom-makes replicas of yachts and commercial ships for clients around the world. I visited his small shop in Halfmoon Bay, on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast, in February this year.

He had just finished his latest creation: an amazing scale model of a $50-million mega-yacht for a company in New Zealand. The wealthy owner of the 50-metre yacht under construction cried when he saw Brian’s meticulously made replica.

Click this link (Scan) to read my article “Dream Vessels Made to Order,” which appears in the spring 2017 issue of Sunshine Coast Life magazine.

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