“A New Way”: new DVD highlights role of glacial rock dust in First Nations organic garden

(21.5 min.)
A New Way: An Organic Garden Saves Lives
written, directed, and produced by Heather Conn
cinematographer and editor: Ivy Miller

Story summary: A farmer, miner, and First Nations CEO create an organic demonstration garden using mined land, a “secret” ingredient, and a business/education model unique in Canada.

A new Way DVD cover low-res


A New Way: An Organic Garden Saves Lives

Whoever thought that North America’s largest gravel pit could help rebuild nature and produce food?

A New Way reveals how a special ingredient in organic gardening—glacial rock dust—is transforming a First Nations community in Sechelt, BC. Discover how a demonstration garden and new form of “black gold” (not petroleum) on Canada’s west coast has helped launch a First Nations business and education model unique in North America.

 You’ll meet a trio of innovators who reclaimed old mining land to create an award-winning project. They’re part of a visionary team that’s feeding people and teaching healthier ways to grow food. A New Way shares a success story of local action, collaboration, and building sustainability from the ground up—literally.

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